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Summer Classes to
Inform, Inspire & Intrigue!

(Pastor Gabe & Pastor Dave)

May 21 - Panic Attacks: When Life Makes Us Question Our Sanity

This introductory class will help individuals better understand the complex (sometimes irrational) dynamics of panic attacks (a distant cousin of depression) whether one has experienced them or not. We will address the multiple causes (physical, relational, spiritual) and influences of panic attacks and the varied de-escalators and “cures” of panic attacks. Finally, we will briefly speak to the role God, Scripture and community play in the cause(s) and “cure(s)” of panic attacks. So, whether you experience them or not or simply are wanting to help those who do, this quick overview should be helpful .

May 28 – Depression: When Darkness Comes & Hope is Killed

This introductory class will help individuals better understand the complex (sometimes mysterious) dynamics of depression (a distant cousin of panic attacks) whether one has experienced it or not. We will address the multiple causes (physical, spiritual, relational) and influences of depression and the multiple de-escalators and “cures” of depression. Finally, we will briefly address the role that God, Scripture and community play in the cause (s) and “cure(s)” of depression. So, whether you experience it or are wanting to help those who do, this quick overview should be helpful.

June 4 – Sexuality & Transgenderism: Pursuing Peace with Our Bodies

This session will explore transgender and sexuality issues in light of the Bible’s view of the human body. Rather than panic at the opposition to God’s authority, we will examine how this area is a tributary of a broader river. That river is simply an updated version of an old pattern, which is a flawed theology of the body. Since all creation reflects God’s moral nature, we will explore what it means for us to maintain a Biblical position of gender while advocating a compassionate posture of witness regarding the brokenness of human sexuality in our world. A renewed grasp of what it means for our bodies to be temples of the Holy Spirit will help us grow in confidence regarding our identity and holy calling.

June 11 – Overlapping Kingdoms: Pursuing Peace in Politics

The Gospel has political ramifications without being partisan. We will explore what this means, why everything in our world has become political, and how we can fight back against this idolatry as it increases in an election year. This session will also look at the competing ideologies of viewing America as either Babylon or Israel, and why this often compounds our anxiety. Mark 12:12-17 will be our launching pad for lessons from Jesus’ response when his enemies tried to force him to prioritize a political stance over the Kingdom value of peace. Our hope is to cultivate a view that can promote both spiritual stability and relational harmony in spite of inevitable disagreement.

June 18 & 25, July 2 – The Olivet Discourse & The End Times

(Matthew 24:1-5/Mark 13:1-36/Luke 17:20-37, 21:5-36) Near the end of Christ’s life His followers asked Him about “the end of the world” and “the sign of His return” (Matthew 24:1-51). For 3 sessions we will cover this passage and look into the answers to the disciple’s questions. Furthermore we will see how the “Olivet Discourse” relates to the books of Daniel, Revelation and other prophecy passages in the Bible. We will not predict specific dates or times of His return (as the Bible & Jesus don’t) but we will address the context, nature and wonder of His coming.

July 9 – Race: Cultivating Peace that Crosses Ethnic Barriers

The Kingdom of God consists of every nation, tribe, and language, yet the topic of race is deeply divisive. We will discuss the challenges of pursuing a global perspective for a multi-ethnic church, even as we live in a largely mono-ethnic setting. Tension regarding polarizing racial trends will also be explored in aspects of a brief, non-partisan context of our nation’s history. Our hope is to diffuse any culturally mandated guilt so our discomfort does not keep us from aspiring to live out our Savior’s heart for His Church. Our prayer is that our unity will help the world believe that Jesus is the Son of God (John 17:21).

July 23 – Noah’s Flood: Local or Global in Nature and Scope?

This question continues to grow in its importance, nature and contentiousness as modern science and theistic evolution/evolutionary creationism grow in their disruption & influence among evangelical Christians. The respect and credibility of science and Scripture (The 2 “books” of God) are at stake among the opinions of new and young believers as it relates to the creation/evolution debate. In this class we will try to give a fair overview of both sides.

July 30 – Women & Men in the Church: Pursuing Peace that Delights in the Equality and  Diversity of Women and Men

This study will explore both the equality and the distinctiveness of women and men as gendered image-bearers of God. Strengths and weaknesses of the traditional egalitarian/complementarian debate will be discussed as we look at several of the Bible’s controversial passages about men and women. Our hope is that this session will help each of us understand what we may be reacting to, so we can cultivate a unity that transcends the different opinions on this controversial topic.

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